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Pelican Bay is a General Law Type A City, with the entire Council elected at-large. Terms are for two years and are non-paid positions.
Municipal Elections for the Mayor, Place 1 and Place 2 are on even numbered years. Place 3, Place 4 and Place 5 are on odd numbered years.

Pelican Bay’s City Council is comprised of the Mayor and 5 City Council Members.

– Mayor  Bill Morley
– Council Member David Dryden, Place 1
– Council Member  Pascha Keller, Place 2
– Council Member Linda Sellers, Place 3
– Council Member/Mayor Pro-Tem Glen Oberg, Place 4
– Council Member April Wyatt, Place 5

The City Council meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the City Hall.
1300 Pelican Circle, Pelican Bay, Texas 76020