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Ordinance Enforcement


Pelican Bay has an appointed Ordinance Enforcement employee who works with the Police Department to handle Ordinance Enforcement within the city limits.

Ordinance Enforcement protects the city’s residents and community by administering and enforcing the City Codes and Ordinances. The Ordinance Enforcement employee must understand city ordinances pertaining to but not limited to the general safety, health and welfare as provided through the City’s zoning, subdivision, and various nuisance abatement ordinances.

Duties of Ordinance Enforcement employee include:

  • Frequent patrols of the city to locate possible violations of city codes and ordinances.
  • Respond to complaints from citizens.
  • Research various records to determine ownership of property located throughout the city.
  • Documents issues and works in tandem with the Police Department. Violations will be verified by a Police Officer who may write tickets on non-corrected violations of city ordinances.
  • Appear and testify in municipal court as required.

Below is a list of Pelican Bay city ordinances that are commonly used by Pelican Bay Ordinance Enforcement.

Oversize / Overweight Vehicles – Ordinance # 29

Visible House / Street Numbers Required – Ordinance # 47

Yard Waste, Construction Waste, etc.- Ordinance # 81

Abandoned, Junk, and Nuisance Vehicles – Ordinance # 82

Accumulation of Unwholesome, Unsanitary, Unsightly Material – Ordinance # 83

Garage/Yard Sales – Ordinance #165

Permit Fee Schedule

Mobile Home and Structure Moving – Ordinance # 177

Regulations and Procedures Regarding Pets – Ordinance # 246


Please contact the Ordinance Office at (817) 444-4854 for more information.