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TBD, Code Enforcement Officer

State of Texas – Registered Code Enforcement Officer (CEO)


Ordinance Enforcement Mission Statement

  • To work in partnership with the residents of Pelican Bay to improve the quality of life for our residents and businesses within the community through the enforcement of the codes and ordinances of the City.
  • To provide fair and impartial treatment to the residents of Pelican Bay with the enforcement of ordinance violations and keep voluntary compliance as our main objective.
  • To provide the public with the timely response to complaints, being attentive to their concerns, and taking the necessary steps to ensure complaint resolution.
  • To obtain compliance with City Codes through formal enforcement action only after giving persons the opportunity to voluntarily correct violations.

Below are some of the common violations found within our community. We encourage residents to familiarize themselves with this information because it is the law and it keeps Pelican Bay a clean and safe place to live, work, and invest.

Common Violations include:

  • High grass and weeds
  • Accumulations of garbage, trash, and debris
  • Parking in unapproved locations or surfaces
  • Permits and violations (Garage sale, Construction, Remodels etc.) Permit Required
  • Improper storage of materials
  • Junk vehicles (Inoperable, not registered, no license plates)
  • Property maintenance (peeling paint, broken windows, rottenwood etc.)
  • Property hazards
  • Unsafe Structure
  • Substandard structures
  • Sign violations
  • Stagnant or standing water
  • Mosquito prevention violations

Duties of Code Enforcement Officer are:

  • Frequent patrols of the city to locate possible violations of city codes and ordinances.
  • Respond to complaints from citizens.
  • Research various records to determine ownership of property located throughout the city.
  • Documents issues and works in tandem with the Police Department.
  • Works in tandem with Animal Control and the Fire Marshal as needed.
  • Issue citations.
  • Appear and testify in municipal court as required.

Below is a list of Pelican Bay city ordinances that are commonly used by Pelican Bay Code Enforcement.

Garage and Yard Sales

Parking of Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Oversized Vehicles, and Utility Trailers within the City

Unsanitary or Objectionable Conditions

Building Regulations

Please contact Ordinance Code Enforcement at (817) 710-9297.

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