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Duties & Responsibilities

The City Treasurer of Pelican Bay is Christie Watkins:

  • Preparation of the city-wide monthly and annual financial statements, accounts payable,
    payroll, and investing and debt activities.
  • Preparation and monitoring of city-wide operating and capital budgets, including the
    creation of the budget retreat documents, and the final budget document.
  • Coordinate and direct the operations of the purchasing division, including the p-card
    program, formal and informal bids, RFPs, RFQs, city auctions, and coordinating purchase
    agenda items for City Council approval.
  • Prepare department strategic and operating plan, which includes identifying,
    documenting, monitoring, and evaluating goals, objectives, priorities, and activities.
  • Prepare and present updates about department activities and outcomes to executive
  • This position is responsible for monitoring the entire city budget, both operating and
    capital, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars; further, departmental budget oversight.
  • Supports the relationship between the City and the general public by demonstrating
    courteous and cooperative behavior when interacting with citizens, visitors and City staff;
    maintains confidentiality of work-related issues and City information.
  • Assists with development and preparation of internal and external financial reports,
    financial analyses, regulatory agency reports, consolidated financial statements and
    Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR); assists auditors with preparation of
    annual financial analyses and reports.
  • Reviews journal entries for accuracy and completeness and corrects entries within scope
    of authority. Prepares status reports and assures effective communication of financial
  • Creates, interprets, and explains the City’s accounting policies, procedures, rules and
  • Works with department heads, City Secretary, Mayor, City Council, and others in
    understanding and developing budget documents.
  • Collaborates with grant administrator to assist with pursuing grant opportunities and
    developing grant applications.

Christie can be reached by phone at: (817) 444-1234 or in person at: 1300 Pelican Circle, Pelican Bay, Texas 76020

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