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Cynthia Daniels – City Secretary

Duties & Responsibilities

The City Secretary of Pelican Bay:

  • Implement the directives as assigned by the City Council and City Mayor.
  • Develop policies and procedures to ensure efficient operations of the City Secretary’s Office.
  • Analyze, recommend, and implement improvements to the office’s equipment and facilities as needed and within the office’s budget.
  • Serve as the custodian of City records. Maintain, update, and preserve all historic, public, and legal records of the City in compliance with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.
  • Maintain emergency record back-ups and procedures.
  • File ordinances, proclamations, resolutions, orders, and records of the City with other governmental entities and agencies as required.
  • Oversee the codification of ordinances into the code of ordinances, once established. 
  • Coordinate with and assist the mayor in maintaining the City’s website and social media pages for all things related to City.
  • Administer and oversee City elections in accordance with the Texas Election Code and the Texas Local Government Code, including posting of legal notices, monitoring of candidate filings and inquiries, canvassing of election results, coordination, and administration of oaths of office.
  • Ensure that all required public notices are accurately processed and published.
  • Coordinate with and assist the Mayor in the agenda preparation for each of the City’s regular and special council, board and commission meetings and workshops requiring compliance with the requirements of the Texas Open Meeting Act.
  • Oversees the recording and preparation of the minutes for each of the City’s regular and special council and board and commission meetings and workshops requiring compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act.
  • Attends all City Council and board and commission meetings and records all official proceedings.
  • Responsible for receiving all public information requests for the City of Pelican Bay.
  • Certifies and executes official City documents, maintains custody of City Seal.
  • Notary Public.
  • Preparation of the city-wide monthly and annual financial statements, accounts payable,
    payroll, and investing and debt activities.
  • Preparation and monitoring of city-wide operating and capital budgets, including the
    creation of the budget retreat documents, and the final budget document.
  • Coordinate and direct the operations of the purchasing division, including the p-card
    program, formal and informal bids, RFPs, RFQs, city auctions, and coordinating purchase
    agenda items for City Council approval.
  • Prepare department strategic and operating plan, which includes identifying,
    documenting, monitoring, and evaluating goals, objectives, priorities, and activities.
    Prepare and present updates about department activities and outcomes to executive
  • This position is responsible for monitoring the entire city budget, both operating and
    capital, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars; further, departmental budget oversight.
    Supports the relationship between the City and the general public by demonstrating
    courteous and cooperative behavior when interacting with citizens, visitors and City staff;
    maintains confidentiality of work-related issues and City information.
  • Assists with development and preparation of internal and external financial reports,
    financial analyses, regulatory agency reports, consolidated financial statements and
    Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR); assists auditors with preparation of
    annual financial analyses and reports.
  • Reviews journal entries for accuracy and completeness and corrects entries within scope
    of authority. Prepares status reports and assures effective communication of financial
  • Creates, interprets, and explains the City’s accounting policies, procedures, rules and
  • Works with department heads, Mayor, City Council, and others in
    understanding and developing budget documents.
  • Collaborates with grant administrator to assist with pursuing grant opportunities and
    developing grant applications.

May be reached by phone at: (817) 444-1234 or in person at: 1300 Pelican Circle, Pelican Bay, Texas 76020

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