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Duties & Responsibilities
The City Secretary of Pelican Bay:

  • Maintains official city records
  • Processes public information requests
  • Acts as the city liaison for the City Council members Prepares City Council agendas and packets
  • Records and maintains City Council minutes, resolutions, and ordinances
  • Maintains all City records
  • Conducts fair and legal municipal elections
  • Coordinates with Public Works Department – New Accounts, Disconnections & Payments
  • Coordinates with Police and Fire Department
  • Issues city permits and assists with Zoning requests as needed.
  • Serves as the Municipal Court Clerk
  • Works directly with the City Mayor in the day to day operations of the City.

May be reached  by phone at: (817) 444-1234 or in person at: 1300 Pelican Circle, Pelican Bay, Texas 76020