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Bill Bethel. Animal Control Ordinance Enforcement
Bill Bethel – Animal Control

The City of Pelican Bay Animal Control Ordinance gives regulations and procedures regarding pets and requires that all dogs and cats be vaccinated for the rabies virus and dogs must be registered annually with the City. See the above ordinance for complete rules and regulations.

A person commits an offense if the person keeps, at the person’s residence, more than three (3) dogs. An offense under this section is a class C misdemeanor.
Any person(s) prior to this chapter who maintains more than three (3) dogs shall be required to apply for a multiple animal permit with the city; identifying the location thereof and paying an additional fee in the amount set forth in the fee schedule in appendix A of this code, not to exceed five (5) dogs. No person shall keep, house, or maintain, more than three (3) dogs without a valid permit issued by the city.
Fowl that are kept, owned or harbored within a land use zoning classification allowing same shall constitute a nuisance if any such animal is kept, stabled, or pastured within 100 feet of an occupied building. The term “occupied building” as used herein shall mean a building occupied by any person, other than buildings and structures owned or controlled by the owner of the animals involved. This section does not apply to “occupied buildings” constructed after the keeping of any fowl is in place. The keeping of livestock, roosters, and drakes within the city is prohibited.

Texas Coalition for Animal Protection holds vaccine clinics in Pelican Bay four times per year.  Click here for schedule.

Low-cost spay/neuter and vaccinations are available at the Old Azle Library the third Tuesday of every month from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon and at other Metroplex locations. For information about other services and locations contact Texas Coalition for Animal Protection.

If you need more information about registering your pets or any other issues or concerns, please contact City Hall at (817) 444-1234.

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