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Feb 17, 2021 No Comments ›› cityhall

The unprecedented weather event we are experiencing has brought a lot of unknowns.  At the time of the first update, we believed that all water lines were frozen.  The water wells had been checked multiple times and were being attended.  The men in our water department have worked, and are continuing to work, tirelessly to do all they can.  When it became clear we needed to issue a Boil Water Notice due to low water pressure we thought that would be explanation enough.  Apparently, it was not and for that we apologize.

During one of the checks of the elevated storage tank, it was discovered that the gauge malfunctioned, and our storage level fell lower than we realized.  We had already turned on our emergency connection to Azle water, but that connection is not enough to supply the entire city.  Since that first update, we have also had several lines freeze and burst at our wells even though they are insulated.  These occurrences, along with the fact that the electricity to the wells continues to cycle on and off right along with everyone’s homes, is contributing to the low water pressure.  There has not been sufficient recovery time while the electricity is on to fill the tank back to a level to maintain pressure.

Please know that we are working diligently to get water back on for our customers.

Until we have rescinded the Boil Water Notice please be sure that any water to be used for drinking water or human consumption is boiled for two minutes at a vigorous rolling boil and then cooled.

Thank you for your patience.