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May 6, 2013 Comments Off on Welcome to the new City of Pelican Bay, Texas Website webmaster
Welcome to Pelican Bay

Welcome to Pelican Bay Texas

Greetings and welcome to the new City of Pelican Bay, Texas website!

We are currently under construction so not all features and information is available. Please bear with us as we shape our website into a useful and informative tool for our citizens and friends.

With the launch of our first official City’s website, we hope to improve communication with our residents by simplifying the site’s navigation and providing more information on City government, services, and resources and total transparency of all financial records.

It only takes one or two clicks under Our City, Your Government, Departments, Services, Financial or Popular Links to get from our home page to what you need. An easy to navigate drop-down menu is at the top of our front page for quick access. Check the Calendar to find out about City Council meetings and other events. Soon you will be able to find all our press releases, City Council Agenda’s and minutes, Resolutions, Ordinances and more are under: Your Government > City Documents

Please take the time to click around and see what’s available now. During this design of this website, we’ve worked to provide you with quick, direct access to the most popular and important sections of the site but there’s always more we can do. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about cityofpelicanbay.com by emailing: webmaster @ cityofpelicanbay.com

The best city websites always have something new. Bookmark our site and come back soon as Cityofpelicanbay.com grows.