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Sep 24, 2016 No Comments ›› Editor

Here we go again! Fall is officially here – still darned hot though! Kids are back in school – whoopie!

NOTE: Due to a slight delay in getting the dumpsters delivered, we have extended the period that they will be available to October 30th. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Beginning MONDAY, October 17 thru SUNDAY, October 30, there will again be two dumpsters available for ‘Bay RESIDENTS ONLY to use for disposing of your household trash & debris. The dumpsters will be located at the south end of the Water Dept. compound at 1713 Pelican Oval. PLEASE – be responsible citizens and follow a few simple rules: put all trash IN the dumpsters, NOT on the ground. If the dumpsters are completely full they will be promptly compacted or replaced – so please come back later. Also note that NO COMMERCIAL OR MAJOR DEMOLITION MATERIALS are allowed. Please try to avoid blocking the driveway access for city vehicles. Areas will also be provided & marked for disposal of liquids, tires, batteries, scrap metals. DO NOT leave televisions or computer displays.

In addition, please note that proper ID’s may be requested by citizens supervising the area to verify residency of anyone leaving trash as well as checking on type of trash being disposed of.